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Learn about Parcel Pro mobile
Parcel Pro mobiles brings the power of Parcel Pro to your iPhone with:

  • Create shipping labels
  • See the latest alerts and updates
  • Add coverage to shipments
  • Check and pay invoices
  • Review your shipments and shipment history
  • Auto-complete your shipments with My Frequent Shipments
  • Schedule and manage carrier pick-ups

You can download Parcel Pro mobile for iPhone at the Apple App Store.

Mobile Label Creation

One of the most useful features of Parcel Pro mobile is being able to create a label on the go. It helps you keep track of all your shipments, and lets your customer know right away what tracking number to look out for when you ship out your items.

To Create a Label

  1. Make sure you are logged into your account using the Parcel Pro mobile app
  2. Tap the menu button on the upper left corner, next to the Parcel Pro logo
  3. Select your carrier by tapping Ship UPS or Ship FedEx
  4. Enter in all the shipment details like you would with our website
  5. Select if you are using a Thermal or Regular Printer
  6. Choose if you are dropping off, scheduling a pick up or drop shipping your package
  7. Press continue to review changes and schedule your shipment. (Note: Pressing continue schedules your pick up, even if the label has not been confirmed.)
  8. Your label will appear as a PDF. Print your label by selecting the action icon and then tap the “Print button”
  9. Your label will come out from your AirPrint capable printer.

Tracking Updates

Your shipments will be updated periodically on our side. Most packages are updated two to three times a day on our servers. Should you need the most up to date information, we encourage you to contact our customer support line.

Wireless Label Print

Parcel Pro mobile uses AirPrint to support wireless label printing to any AirPrint compatible printer.

The print option will only show after a label has been generated. This PDF file will show within the app.
To print, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the action icon iOS6 (iOS 6) iOS7 (iOS 7)
  2. Tap the Print button.
  3. Select the appropriate settings, and then tap Print.

Important: If you are printing for the first time, or if the previously selected printer is not available, you will need to select your printer first.

Note: AirPrint displays only the essential printer options that apply to the document or image being printed. Details such as media type, page size, and orientation are automatically determined

For users with Thermal Printers and non-AirPrint capable printers, 3rd Party Software is required to print wirelessly. Your computer must be on and connected to the Printer. Parcel Pro recommends

For Windows XP or Higher
AirPrint Activator (Free, Requires iTunes to be installed on computer)
Install Guide and Link:

For Mac OSX 10.6 to 10.8 “Mountain Lion” (64 Bit):
handyPrint 3.1 (Free)

For Mac OSX 10.9 “Mavericks” or Higher (64 Bit):
handyPrint 5.0 ($5.00)

Please note: Software is recommended per internal testing, not by solicitation or sponsorship. No technical support is provided for 3rd party software. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. By downloading the software above, you acknowledge that you agree to their respective terms and conditions. Parcel Pro holds no affiliation with these companies and their products and cannot be held liable for usage of 3rd party software.

To learn more about AirPrint, view a list of AirPrint compatible printers and view troubleshooting tips on wireless printing, visit Apple’s support page at

Troubleshooting Parcel Pro mobile

If you are experiencing issues with Parcel Pro mobile, let’s try to figure out what happened.

Our Troubleshoot Guide provides tips that help you resolve most issues.

  • Can’t login or “Wrong Password”
  • Label creation doesn’t work
  • Payment failure or Card Declined
  • App won’t open or crashes

Verify your version of iOS TM
Make sure that your iPhone is running at least iOS 6.0 or higher. Parcel Pro mobile requires all devices to use at least version 6.0 for security purposes.

To check your version of iOS, tap the Settings Icon > General > About

If you need to update your phone, please visit Apple’s support page on how to update your device:

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Parcel Pro mobile
For devices running iOS 6 or higher, open the App Store and tap Updates. If prompted, you will have to enter your Apple ID account information. Your device will then download and update the app.

For devices running iOS 7, make sure Automatic App Updates are enabled. Tap the Settings Icon > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads. Make sure that Automatic Updates are enabled.

Quit Parcel Pro mobile
If Parcel Pro mobile is the only app that has stopped responded or crashes on launch:

On iOS 6:
  1. Return to the Home screen, and then click the Home button twice.
  2. Tap and hold on the app.
  3. When it starts to jiggle, tap the red bubble to close it.
  4. Double-click the Home button and try opening the app again

On iOS 7

  1. Click the Home button Twice
  2. Swipe up on the Parcel Pro app
  3. Click the Home button and try to open Parcel Pro mobile again

Restart your Device
If Parcel Pro mobile isn’t the only app with issues, try restarting your iPhone. Turn off your iPhone by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider and the iPhone will turn off after a few moments.
Next, turn the iPhone back on by pressing the Sleep/Wake button and try reopening Parcel Pro mobile.

Reinstall Parcel Pro mobile
In very rare circumstances, Parcel Pro mobile might have become corrupt due to a failed update or download. Try removing Parcel Pro mobile as a last resort:

  1. To avoid losing any app data, first back up your information.
  2. Touch and hold any app icon on the Home screen until the icons start to jiggle.
  3. Tap the "x" in the corner of the app you want to remove. You may be prompted to rate the app.
  4. Tap Delete to remove the app and all of its data from your iPhone.
  5. Visit the App Store and search “Parcel Pro”
  6. Download Parcel Pro mobile and open the app again.

Contact Us:
If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our mobile app support team at 888-683-2300, option 3 or by emailing us at