Protect Your Business

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Protect Your Business

Keep your business soaring with protection for your people, property and receivables through our affiliate, UPS Capital Insurance Brokers Limited.

Work with an Experienced Broker

Get options to reduce the risk of everyday business.

Business Insurance Services
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Business Insurance Services

Offer protection for business liabilities that include commercial, product, cyber, office and more.

Professional Insurance Services
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Professional Insurance Services

Reduce risks for your people with director and officer liability insurance, and professional indemnity insurance.

Get the Protection Your Business Needs

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Jewellers Block

Protect your stock and merchandise and goods on memo, those at shows and insured property at offsite premises.


Trade Credit Insurance

Support your global growth by converting invoices to cash, extending credit terms and reducing collection costs.


Cyber Liability Insurance

Protect your business from liability claims related to data breaches or the unauthorized release of company or customer information.

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Product Liability Insurance

Protect your business from the risks of product design, manufacturing, instruction and warning defects.


Commercial General Liability Insurance

Protect against liabilities that arise from commercial activities that may include damage to property and more.


Office Package Insurance

Get protection for your office contents and other risks related to an office environment.

Protect Your Supply Chain

Moving goods can be risky business. Make sure your shipments are protected against loss or damage.