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Delivering On-Time Despite Pandemic Delays

Parcel Pro® Select helps Master Siam keep its bold delivery promise.

Gold, silver, and diamond rings

Master Siam’s global sales began to skyrocket when online shopping soared during the pandemic. The Bangkok-based manufacturer of fine jewellery exports 95% of its orders to the U.S. and was concerned it wouldn’t meet its 14-day delivery promise at a time when the world experienced massive shipping delays

The Challenge

Maintaining a fast-shipping deadline in the face of pandemic challenges, or losing business                                            

Master Siam’s goods went from averaging three days in transit to up to 10 days, putting them at risk for losing customers. “My customers could not wait,” said Khun Joy, managing director of Master Siam. “They started to use a factory in the U.S. for faster delivery.”

The Solution

Parcel Pro® Select provides insured transportation for international shipments

The Parcel Pro Select service provided through UPS Capital (Thailand) Ltd. gave Master Siam better insured shipping rates, faster delivery and improved access to air transportation and package tracking data. The Parcel Pro Select service works with reliable, fast carriers, such as UPS. In the event of an in-transit loss, Master Siam’s packages are covered up to $100,000 USD of value.  Customs brokerage services1 through UPS Capital (Thailand) Ltd. also provides expertise for navigating the intricacies of international shipping. 

The Result

The jeweller confidently meets customer demands for speedy deliveries

Parcel Pro’s best practices for safe shipping decreased the time the company’s packages spent in customs. After switching to UPS, Master Siam shaved 3-5 days off delivery times. If an unforeseen delay occurred, a committed team made things right.

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1 Customs brokerage services available only for exports from Thailand.