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Shipping Guide

Step-by-step instructions for completing your first insured shipment.

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Why it matters: The Parcel Pro® platform is easy to use and saves you time preparing shipment labels.

What you can do: Follow these steps or download our user guide. 

1. Log In Go to and log in. Upon initial login, read and accept the Parcel Pro Terms and Conditions. 

2. Access the Shipment Page To get to the shipment page, either click Ship or the green Create UPS Label button.

3. Add Ship to Details Complete all required fields. Save ‘Ship To’ addresses in your Parcel Pro address book for later use by selecting Save in/Update my address book. Select Add to express contacts to designate a location among your most frequently used addresses.

4. Enter Ship from Address The shipper’s address should auto-populate. Confirm the Ship from Address is accurate or click Edit to update.

5. Enter Shipment Details Select the service and package type, then schedule the shipment date. See packaging tips for guidance on how to prepare the package properly for shipping. Add box dimensions and include the insured value for the shipment. 

6. Add Additional Shipment Information Provide delivery instructions. When shipping to a residential address, an adult signature is needed for insurance coverage. Additional fees may apply.

7. Add Commodities If you are shipping internationally, a description of the commodity is required for Customs purposes. 

8. Indicate Shipment Options Indicate shipping options, including your pickup preference. Also, indicate whether you’re using a thermal printer and if you need to print a return label. Select all that apply.

9. Enter Billing Details Select your billing preference. You can direct charges to your Parcel Pro account or a third party.

Print the Label

10. Click Get Label to generate the shipping label, which can be printed or downloaded for later use. Two labels will be printed – one for the outer box, and one for the inner box.

11. Void the Shipment If you no longer need to ship the item, click Void under Shipping Details. Otherwise, you’ll be reminded of unprinted shipping labels when you log in again.

Help & Support

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