Shipping Technology
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Shipping Technology

Check out our smart platform to keep your shipments moving safely.

Best-in-Class Insured Shipping Technology

Send your high-value goods with ease and less risk.

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Simplify Operations

Manage shipments and returns with ease, regardless of carrier.

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Enhance Security

Reduce risk with tech that cleans labels and reroutes shipments to safer addresses.

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Engage Customers

Use custom email templates to notify buyers of shipment details.

Parcel Pro® Platform

Parcel Pro platform shipping information screen in German

Parcel Pro® Platform

Enjoy one easy-to-use platform through our affiliate UPS Capital that has everything you need to ship your high-value items in Germany and abroad. 

  • Create domestic and international insured shipping labels using UPS® services.
  • Generate drop ship labels for vendor shipments or return labels for customers.
  • Streamline shipping with an address book of your most frequent recipients.
  • Get harmonized codes for common commodities to help export with ease.

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