Safe Shipping and Packaging Tips

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Safe Shipping and Packaging Tips

Follow these guidelines to help reduce the risk of loss and damage.

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Help us help you by using these procedures to ship your high-value goods.

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Secure merchandise in smaller interior box

Use additional packaging material such as padded envelopes, bubble wrap, paper or foam pad, to restrict movement of merchandise inside.  

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Label the interior box

Affix the packing label or clearly mark tracking number, shipper and recipient information on the outside of the interior box.  

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Double box your shipments

Place the small box inside a larger courier box. Make sure movement is restricted with additional cushioning.

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Seal enclosure

Seal all seams or flaps on the outside box with clear or non-descriptive tape in addition to adhesive on the flap.  

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Use proper labeling

Remove words that directly relate to valuables and contents. Abbreviate names: change Johnson’s Gem Shop to Johnson’s Shop.

Additional Suggestions and Precautions

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  • Screen employees and conduct extensive checks prior to hiring.
  • Install video and monitor shipping areas whenever possible.
  • Organize your shipping area and set consistent procedures.
  • Keep accurate records of values and SKUs of all shipments.
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  • Add extra weight to disguise contents and never put loose items in only an envelope or pack.
  • Never reveal the contents of your shipment, even to the courier.
  • Never state a value or reference contents on the box or label (unless required by customs for export).
  • Deliver to businesses rather than residential addresses whenever possible.
  • Always require an adult signature on residential deliveries.
  • Track your packages frequently to ensure key milestones are reached.  
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