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Aria Gems’ Emeralds Find Safe Passage

Parcel Pro helps navigate challenging supply chain journey.

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Mining and exporting gems through the rocky and remote mountains of Afghanistan, the city of Kabul and across borders is one risky venture. Aria Gems, one of the world’s leading sources of legally exported and conflict-free Panjshir Emeralds, needed an insured shipping partner who could navigate its challenging supply chain and mitigate risks.

The Challenge

Protecting precious gems as they make their way across the globe

Aria Gems’ supply chain starts in the mines of the Panjshir mountains, an area so remote it can only be reached by horse. The gems continue with many stops touching several countries along the way to their final destinations. Moving these high-value goods comes with a high risk for theft and loss.

The Solution

Expert risk-reduction best practices and website integration boost shipping security

With Parcel Pro’s proprietary risk-reduction approach, Aria Gems protects its packages. This includes sensitive word deletion on labels, auto rerouting of shipments away from high-theft areas, address validation to ensure accuracy, secure pickup and delivery in select jewellery markets and proactive package monitoring and intervention.

The Aria Gems team also leverages Parcel Pro’s API integration for its website, adding in additional risk management and security measures.

“Without UPS and Parcel Pro we wouldn’t exist,” said Forrest Snowden, CEO and co-founder of Aria Gems. “The team is the world’s foremost in logistics.”

The Result

Shipping high-value gemstones with no losses

“Parcel Pro has been instrumental in making Aria Gems a success since 2013, against all odds,” said Forrest. “You can’t put a price on the value of their shipping knowledge and extremely talented professional.”

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