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Manage Your Risks and Shipping Costs

Get a few pro tips on how to keep shipping prices reasonable.

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What’s the story: Packaging and carrier selection can help reduce the risks and costs of moving luxury goods.

Three Ways to Lower the Cost of Shipping Jewelry

Shipping jewelry has long been a source of frustration. Despite improved technology, the process can be complicated and expensive. Merchandise is vulnerable to damage in-transit—or worse, to theft. However, with the right provider and some packaging know-how, you can minimize risks and costs.

What you can do:

1. Explore Carriers

Consider trying a new carrier or compare rates and services to see which provider best serves your business needs.     

2. Package Goods Properly

With a thoughtful package design, you can discover valuable cost savings and increase your profit margin. For high-value items, be sure to:

  • Double-box merchandise to reduce shipping risk.
  • Use a smaller interior box, which weighs less.

3. Accurate Package Information

  • Measure external dimensions and weigh the package accurately to avoid extra costs. Carriers will rebill shippers if the data they gather is different from the information originally entered upon label creation.
  • Verify the shipping address using an address finder tool that insured carriers or shipping platforms, such as Parcel Pro, provide to reduce costs for address correction.

How we can help: Parcel Pro offers competitive insured shipping for jewelers and other high-value industries. to learn how we can help your business.

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