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Parcel Pro’s Red-Carpet Treatment

How Premier Gem ensures its diamonds make it to its celebrity clientele.

Tweezers holding a diamond with multiple diamonds on the table

Specializing in large diamonds, top New York diamond house Premier Gem Corporation’s gemstones are often sought-after by celebrities. The company requires secure shipping to get its diamonds to jewelers across the U.S. and in Canada safely.

The Challenge

Lacking a trusted, flexible shipping partner with experience moving high-value gems

Premier Gem had a longstanding relationship with its insurance broker and wanted to keep it in place, but it needed an experienced shipping partner to handle high-value goods safely, quickly and reliably at competitive rates. They also desired flexibility to choose the best shipping option for what each situation demanded.

The Solution

Parcel Pro insured shipping provides Premier with maximum coverage and enhanced flexibility

Premier Gem found its ideal solution combining Parcel Pro insured shipping with its existing jewelers block policy. Parcel Pro covers the portion of the insurable value not covered by Premier’s block policy. Premier simply transfers liability to Parcel Pro and achieves the flexibility required to meet the risk needs of their business.

“If we are sending a $100,000 USD to $200,000 USD diamond, it must arrive safely and on time. It’s the only way to do business. Parcel Pro gives us that,” said Angela Quiles, vice president of sales at Premier Gem.

The Result

A higher level of security with cost savings

Parcel Pro’s service ultimately saves Premier money. “Parcel Pro provides overnight service and a higher value service with UPS, which is less expensive than using armored carriers. If I need to break up a package into two or three packages, we still end up saving,” said Angela.

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