Tips and Guides

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Tips and Guides

Get valuable resources to make the most of your Parcel Pro® insured shipping experience. 

Resources for your Business

Read up on best practices for packaging, how to use Parcel Pro technology and more.

Get Packaging Tips
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Get Packaging Tips

Discover our recommendations for the most secure packaging.

Secure Tracking with Parcel Pro Notify
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Secure Tracking with Parcel Pro Notify

Easily notify customers of tracking milestones for high-value shipments in transit.

Retailers Resource Guide
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Retailers Resource Guide

Get details on Parcel Pro features that help retailers move high-value goods.

Additional Resources

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Quick Start Guide

Read our quick start guide for tips on how to dive in and easily create shipments.


International Shipping

Learn how Parcel Pro technology helps you prepare international shipments.

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Learn how you can save on transportation expenses.

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